About Us

Our Leadership Team

Senior Pastor Yvonne Dalheim joined the full time staff of the church in 2001 after having previously served on the church Leadership Team. In 2005 she was accepted as a Minister in Training by Elim's National Leadership Team and was ordained at the annual conference. Yvonne, or Vonny as we affectionately know her, is a gifted songwriter who has built a strong & talented team and in June 2005 we recorded our first cd of songs she has written. Yvonne also has a very strong prophetic gift and leads our local Aspire Ladies' Meetings. In 2012 she became the Senior Minister of the church.
Pastor Phil Niblett. After leading churches at Bognor Regis, Gosport and Belfast he and his family came to Hull in September 1983. Originally from just outside Birmingham he has now spent more of his life in Hull than anywhere else. Philip studied at the Elim Bible College and has been a full time minister since 1968. He has proved himself to be a devoted servant and shepherd of God's flock. Philip lectures within the Elim Region on Old Testament Foundations and also ministers regularly in Italy.
John Dalheim is married to Yvonne and and they have two grown-up daughters, Sabine who is the church worship leader and Erika who is married to an Elim Pastor. In April 2012 the church acknowledged him as an Elder. By profession he is a teacher and takes responsibility for looking after the church finances. John has an anointed prayer ministry and is a great asset to the Leadership Team with his wit and wisdom.

These three form the Church session and are ably assisted and encouraged by the Leadership Support Group.

The Leadership Group

Our History

In 1922 George Jeffreys held a highly successful crusade in Grimsby. Whilst there for several weeks he visited Hull for one or two meetings. A group of people had been gathered together by a Mr Hill who then invited E.C.W.Boulton to pastor this fellowship who met in May Street off Beverley Road, Hull. Pastor E.C.W.Boulton, or "Pa" Boulton, as he was affectionately known, had left the Salvation Army because of his Pentecostal experience and had been involved with another early Pentecostal work. On May 9th, 1922 a crusade was commended by George Jeffreys. After meeting in various buildings, premises were secured in Mason Street which became the permanent home of the church up until 1933.

Pastor Cloke, who was the minister in 1933 purchased a disused Primitive Methodist Church on behalf of the growing Elim work at a cost of £2000. George Jeffreys had agreed to hold a major crusade on the Walton Street Fairground if the purchase was successful. The mission made a great impact. There were many conversions and a water baptismal service was held in the tent towards the end of the crusade. Many other Christians who were disillusioned with liberal theology in their churches joined. A final service was held at Mason Street and the church moved into its new building. The building and congregation were renamed 'The City Temple'. The building was a landmark for many years on the Hessle Road at the heart of the fishing community. After about a year the Mason Street church was re-opened as a branch church under the leadership of the City Temple. This now continues in its own right as Elim Christian Life Centre.

The church building and the fishing industry were both in decline together. The congregation had also reduced for many reasons. A good number of quality young men had gone into the full-time ministry, many achieving high position wihin the Elim Pentecostal Churches. Some had returned to the Mason Street church, which eventually became independent of the City Temple. Others moved away with work and re-housing. In 1983 alternative premises were purchased on Prince's Avenue. A building, formerly with the Congregational Churches had become redundant and became the answer to prayer for the congregation of the City Temple. The same year had also seen the arrival of our present minister and his family, as well as the culmination of 50 years of work on the Hessle Road.

It was decided in 2000 that the time had come to change our name from the City Temple to Church on The Way. This was not an easy decision but one that needed to be taken. There was confusion brought by the word "Temple" and also the leadership had a desire to acknowledge that we were not "The City" anything, but were part of the citywide witness of all of God's people.

Our new name represents several truths, firstly that Jesus is "The Way" and that we aim to be a church on The Way, (i.e. on Christ). Secondly, as a church we do not see ourselves as having arrived but that we are at least on the journey. Thirdly we wanted to show that we are a church with a vision and that we are pressing on towards it.

More about the history of the Elim movement can be found at www.elim.org.uk

Our Vision

We firmly believe that God has great things in store for Hull and for us a part of His church in this city.

We have sought to encapsulate our vision in the following statement:

"It is our desire that by our worship, words and works we may present Jesus in all His fullness to our city."

We don't claim to have achieved this but it is our burning desire that people will know the real Jesus and see His church the way it was meant to be.

By our worship we want to show integrity, commitment and passion. We want our worship to reflect how we truly feel. We allow for anything that glorifies God - dancing, raising hands, kneeling, lying down, waving flags, sitting, standing and even silence!!!. We do not see worship as just what we do in church - we see it as how we live every day of the week.

By our words we want to encourage and release. We want our preaching to be relevant and anointed. We want to have time to talk to one another and bring encouragement. We want to find the words to communicate the glorious message of Jesus to a world that has little knowledge of Him.

By our works we want people to know we love them, but beyond that, that there is a God who has all power. Therefore we spend time praying for each other and asking God to do His works of healing, blessing and providing.

We may never be able to fully achieve our goal but we want to give everything we can to make it as big a reality as possible.